Crisel Consunji is a professional actress, singer, and educator.

She is passionate about the performing arts, and has built her career on connecting and changing lives though creative expression.  Born and raised in the Philippines, this multi-hyphenate now calls Hong Kong home.


Her recent project, the film “Still Human”, has earned critical acclaim from the Hong Kong Film Awards, where she is nominated for Best Actress and Best New Performer. In her dynamic portrayal of Evelyn, a caregiver who refuses to be constrained by her circumstances, she sheds light on an oft-overlooked yet vital sector of Hong Kong society. Through this role Crisel aspires to break through stereotypes and encourage understanding between people across social and cultural groups.



Crisel dove into the theatre scene at an early age.

At ten years old, she became one of the youngest professional actors in Repertory Philippines. For the next 13 years she honed her acting skills reprising memorable roles in musicals such as Fame, and Beauty and the Beast. As a child who grew up in the arts, she knew first hand of its value in shaping young minds. This led to her teach drama to schoolchildren and eventually, pilot a talent development program for a Philippine educational institution.


In 2008 she earned her Mouse ears, becoming a vocalist and cast member and at Hong Kong Disneyland. There she brought childhood favorites to life, headlining live performances from Highschool Musical, and The Golden Mickeys, and many more.



Her move to Hong Kong also opened opportunities to connect with the community.

Having completed BA and MA degrees in Political Science, she was equipped with the knowledge and tools needed to bring empowerment to overlooked segments of society. Determined to do it in her own unique way, she focused on groups that had always struck a chord in her – migrants, the underprivileged, and children.




The next chapter in her career marries the rich experiences she gained in community work with her artistic inclination.

Co-founded by Crisel in 2015, the Baumhaus Family Centres fosters a thriving community of parents, children, and educators who share her enthusiasm for creative and developmentally-appropriate approaches to Early Childhood Development.  She is concurrently completing another MA in Education, aspiring to address Hong Kong’s ever-growing demand for balanced education. While she takes the helm in bringing Baumhaus’ vision to life, she also remains hands-on in leading workshops that guide parents and educators on practical applications of these philosophies. Her commitment to the arts comes full circle as she takes an active role in inspiring the next generation, by leading Baumhaus’ musical play groups and art sessions for children.